Inspired Vision

Back in 2001, I had a vision that truly inspired me. It was a vision of me driving in my car, with the top down, on an open road, going to my next meeting. While driving, I envisioned myself playing a red guitar with white and black stripes, in a band, playing to a high […]

The Self-Operating Business

Self-Operating Business: A self-sustaining, innovative & profitable business that provides world-class value. It operates successful whether the entrepreneur is there or not. It provides the entrepreneur and business owner with Entrepreneurial Freedom; freedom to choose between working 6hrs per week, 60hrs per week or not at all. It’s their choice. The Self-Operating business is designed […]

Increase Value. Generate More Sales

Generating more sales is a key strategy that every business should be focused on in order to stay viable. Increasing sales is an indicator that an organization is doing something right for the customer. It is often said that “nothing happens until a sale is made”. And that is the case with every business. No […]