Client Success

Casey Grey, Founder & CEO

The Conscious Builder Inc.

Since joining the Master Entrepreneur Program and working with our coaches, he has been able to:

  1. Grow and develop a Self-Operating Business
  2. Increase his leadership capabilities
  3. Spend 3 months in Florida with his wife

Dorota Turlejski, President

Uplawed Professional Corporation

Listen to how Dorota Turlejski received Master Entrepreneur Coaching to deal with staff issues, face business challenges and use Lean Business principles to differentiate Uplawed Professional Corporation from other law firms.

Michael Sunderland, Owner

Michael’s Dulce

Why risk starting a whole bakery when you can limit your risk by starting off small and sell jams instead! It turned out to be a brilliant idea! Listen to Michael’s story about how The Master Entrepreneur® Program helped him clarified his business model by focusing on selling jams.

Chad St. Louis, President & CEO

St. Louis & Associates Limited

Listen to how Chad St. Louis, President & CEO of St. Louis & Associates Limited, has “…grown more in the last few months than the last 5 years” as a result of Master Entrepreneur® Coaching.

Glenn Schmelzle, Founder & C.E.O.

Marketing What’s New

Listen to how Glenn Schmelzle, Founder & C.E.O. of Marketing What’s New, has been able to achieve traction, build a culture, take some Time Off, and move towards a Self-Operating Business.

Jaime Huget, Founder & President

The Foundry Group

Listen to how Jaime Huget, Founder & President of The Foundry Group, became a more strategic business owner as a result of The Master Entrepreneur Program.


Joelle Parenteau,

Founder of Edge To Epic, Xperia & Wolf Down

“Master Entrepreneur opened my mind and my eyes to a whole new level of opportunity. The insights gleaned have helped me to grow as an entrepreneur and have provided me with the confidence and determination to succeed.”

David Newing, 

Former Commander in the British Royal Navy & Former International Secretary General of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“Chris is an entrepreneur of distinction. He is about the very best business mentor I have ever come across.”

Casey Grey, Founder

The Conscious Builder​

“Working with Master Entrepreneur has been one of my best investments. The ideas that are sparked from our meetings are priceless. The ability that Chris has to think outside the box is something every company needs.”

Steve Sicard, Realtor,

Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty

“The Master Entrepreneur Program has been great, helping me to see opportunities and to move past obstacles in order to pursue them! Chris has helped me to focus on the areas that will help me push past my current levels and has given me other perspectives and alternatives to consider when evaluating the best way to move my business forward and to develop on a personal level. I highly recommend taking the Master Entrepreneur Program.”

Scott Swan

Producer of Award Winning “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” comedy play

BRILLIANT! If I could turn back time, I would want to have met Chris 12 years ago when I start out. Thanks Chris for the workshop!”

Josh Jefferies

Owner, Josh Jefferies Photography

“Chris Castillo is one of those few lucky people who can consistently turn rages to riches. Not only has he done this for his own enterprises; Chris has the unique ability to teach and instruct those tools so that other business owners can turn their enterprises into successful business ventures. I would recommend Master Entrepreneur International.”

Natasha Grey, M.A.

Owner Everyday Superheros Publishing

“Master Entrepreneur was able to effectively help clarify my vision and provide me with the tools I needed to make my dreams a reality! It is a program that will transform your life! Thank you!”

Glenn Schmelzle

Founder & President of Marketing What’s New

“I have taken part in several Master Entrepreneur workshops. Many new businesses fail because the entrepreneur has a flawed vision of their role in the business, or they aren’t able to see the business outside of their own perspective. The Master Entrepreneur Program addresses the mindset that entrepreneurs need to have, giving participants perspective that increases their company’s odds of surviving…and succeeding”

Owen Seay

Owner of Raaw Macaw!, Orlando Florida

“I attended a Master Entrepreneur workshop in Syracuse, New York held by Chris Castillo. The quality of The Master Entrepreneur Program and Chris’ experience is top notch. I highly recommend other entrepreneurs who want to either start or grow their business to participate in the Master Entrepreneur Program.”

Noemi Cote

President Rocket Creatives

“I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! The Master Entrepreneur Coaching Program is so awesome and all round good for my business, myself and my family. It really does touch all aspects of my life and makes me a better person.”

Jamie Huget

President The Foundry Group

“Master Entrepreneur is a great method of guided-discovery allowing you to find ways to achieve a work-life balance at the same time you are taking your business to the next level of success. I came away from Chris’ sessions with an increased awareness of what I’m trying to achieve with my business and how to drive that growth.”

Roy Mamianskum

President of TP Adventures & Eco-Tourism

“Receiving coaching from Master Entrepreneur has been the best investment I have made for myself and my business.”

Shane Gibson

Author, Keynote Speaker & Social Media and Social Selling Trainer

My professional relationship with Chris goes back almost 10 years now. Without exception, he has delivered effective, useful and profitable solutions as a consultant, trainer, and author. I am glad I have had the opportunity to collaborate and work with Chris.

Shea Pownall

Owner & Executive Film Producer, Stolen Lights Consulting, Seattle Washington​

“As an owner of a film production company, I faced challenges with my business. Chris and the Master Entrepreneur Coaching Program have been outstanding and have greatly assisted me in achieving success.”