Generating more sales is a key strategy that every business should be focused on in order to stay viable.

Increasing sales is an indicator that an organization is doing something right for the customer.

It is often said that “nothing happens until a sale is made”. And that is the case with every business. No sales = no business. And so the business must continually look at how to increase sales.

But in generating more sales, companies need to take a step back and ask how questions about how the sale is made and how more sales can be made.

This is an important habit to adopt because it requires self-reflection on how the company delivers value. My clients who do this self-reflection often report that they are more successful than their competitors and keeps them on top of things.

In other words, being proactive in business keeps you on top or helps you to initiate change – a fact of life.

Fundamentally, a sale occurs because “value” was agreed upon by both company and customers.

Customers have “voted” with their hard earned cash on selecting your product/service to satisfy their needs or solve their problem.

So in taking a step back to do self-reflection, the following represents some useful questions you need to ask yourself in order to generate more sales:

-Is the value that is exchanged with the customer sustainable?

-How can we increase the value that we offer our customers?

-How can we better serve our customers?

-How can we make it easier and hassle-free for our customers to buy from us?

Although there are more questions that you can ask yourself for self-reflection, the above questions are meant to help you get started. The fact that your business is taking the time to do this shows that your company means business.

And in this current business climate, this simple habit of self-reflection will help you stand out from your competitors, initiate change, be proactive, add more value to customers which will help to result in generating more sales for your business.

To your success,

Chris Castillo

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