Back in 2001, I had a vision that truly inspired me.

It was a vision of me driving in my car, with the top down, on an open road, going to my next meeting.

While driving, I envisioned myself playing a red guitar with white and black stripes, in a band, playing to a high energy instrumental song. My musical influence is Eddie Van Halen.

Fast forward to 2018, and here I am in a music video with the exact image I had back in 2001.

In this music video, you’ll hear a song that I wrote a couple of years ago. This song was inspired when I purchased a guitar pedal called BOSS GT10. It had an amazing sounding guitar sound. That’s why I called this song GT10.

When I unpacked the guitar pedal and plugged in my guitar, this song came to me and I recorded the guitar parts immediately.

It was recorded within 10 minutes and I recorded the guitar and bass parts including the guitar solos in just one take. I thought of redoing the guitar parts to perfect them but decided to leave them as is (you can hear some imperfections). It is this imperfection that doesn’t stop me but rather drives me to launch an imperfect product or start an imperfect business. I go for being 80% good enough as opposed to 100% perfect. Then once I launch the product/service or business, I use the philosophy of KAIZEN to make the launch a success.

This song encompasses who I am in a nutshell. It highlights my ability for on-the-spot creativity and innovation. I draw on this ability when thinking on my feet when negotiating, solving business issues and challenges using creative thinking and for putting passion into everything I do. That’s why I love the color RED, specifically the color Rosso Corsa. RED is the color for passion and that is why my guitar is painted RED. I painted the guitar myself as well with the intention of it looking beat up.

I hope you enjoy this video which was created by talented Algonquin College students for their school project.

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