The Master Entrepreneur Group Coaching Program

An exclusive workshop for experienced entrepreneurs, self-employed & business owners.

Online Program

Work ON Your Business & Your Life

Program Structure

How the program is structured:

1. Mastermind group coaching program.
2. Peer interaction, discuss issues, share best practices & support each other in a private setting.
3. Personal reflection time to address critical areas of your life.
4. Challenge your current thinking process & mode of operation.
5. Learn new & leading-edge Master Entrepreneur® Concepts, Tools and Best Practices that you can immediately implement.
6. Accountability and follow up one-on-one coaching.
7. At the end of each session, you will leave with a well thought out, personal and professional 30-day plan of action.


Concepts, Strategies & Tools

You will learn:

a. The Master Entrepreneur® Mindset
b. Creating a Self-Operating Business™
c. Achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom®
c. The Master Entrepreneur® Time System
d. Becoming a better Entrepreneurial Leader™


Chris Castillo will be leading the group. Chris has started over 10 businesses and is currently operating:

- Master Entrepreneur® International Inc.: https://masterentrepreneur.com/
- Koichi Ramen Restaurant: https://koichiramen.com/
- Mechanic To You: http://mechanictoyou.ca/
- FirewithinCoach: http://firewithincoach.com/

Chris is also an author of the highly successful textbook, "Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Plan, 7th edition"

Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

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Success Story

The Conscious Builder - Construction Company

Success Story

Michael's Dulce - Organic Jams made locally

Success Story

Uplawed Professional Corporation - Law Firm

Certified Master Entrepreneur Facilitator

"Entrepreneurs coaching Entrepreneurs"

Chris Castillo

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Master Entrepreneur International.

Chris Castillo is an entrepreneur, investor, author and educator.

Chris is highly regarded as a Master Entrepreneur® with experience in starting and growing over 10 successful businesses in different industries. Some of these include a restaurant, coffee shop, internet businesses, consultancy business, automotive repair shop and music entertainment company.

He has conducted seminars and workshops in Nunavik & Whapmagoostui and other Cree communities, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, US, Dubai, U.A.E., Doha, Qatar, Sohar, Oman, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, South America.

He is the author of a textbook used in Canadian Universities and Colleges called, “Small Business, An Entrepreneur’s Plan” available on Amazon.com.

With the flair of a serial entrepreneur, Chris’ ability to quickly gather the resources to start a business and grow the business to the next level has made Chris a highly sought after consultant and speaker.

He is currently operating:

Mechanic To You

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Koichi Ramen Restaurant

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Become a Certified Master Entrepreneur® Coach

If you’re thinking of becoming a Certified Master Entrepreneur® Coach, then this will be a great introduction into the philosophy, mindset and thinking behind Master Entrepreneur®.

12 Month Program + Coaching Investment

Who: Entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned salespeople & self-employed.
Price: Early Bird: $998 +tax (Before December 22, 2021); Regular Price: $1,495 +tax
Date: Option 1: Saturday, December 15th, 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST
Option 2: Wednesday, December 12th, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
Place: Ottawa, Ontario

Program Investment

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If at the end of the first event you did not find it valuable, we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Sample The Master Entrepreneur Program

Join us for a FREE evening for successful entrepreneurs like you where we can discuss, share & learn from a peer group of experienced entrepreneurs.

You will learn:

- What is a Self-Operating Business
- The 4 Critical Components of a Self-Operating Business
- Steps you can take now to build a Self-Operating Business
- Learn the Key Principles for taking your business to the next level

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For More Information:

Please contact Chris Castillo:
[email protected]