Sylvain Rochon

Sylvain Rochon, Certified M.E. Coach and Trainer

Since 2005, Sylvain has been a serial entrepreneur, working at various agencies and businesses and employed various entrepreneurial angles so that he could learn, generate wealth, make connections, and experience success along the way.  His most known achievement is starting and operating Sylien Games, a Web and smartphone games development and publishing company.   Founded in 2005, Sylien Games now carries over 130 strategy games on Web and mobile platforms.

In addition to this business, Sylvain was a business consultant at TSM Concept, where he provided banking solutions for SMEs.  In 2011, he also supervised and operated security at the Supreme Court of Canada. In 2007, he was a consultant teaching emotional pedagogy to high school teachers. Before then, he taught high school chemistry and mathematics. Sylvain holds  degrees in biochemistry, chemical engineering, and teaching.

Currently Sylvain operates Sylien Games, but he is also involved in the following projects:

– Member of the event subcommittee at The Ottawa Network, a group of 8000 innovative professionals and entrepreneurs.

– Member of the advisory board at the Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) joint program at Carleton University and Algonquin College, Ottawa.

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