Self-Operating Business

Self-Operating Business: A self-sustaining, innovative & profitable business that provides world-class value.

It operates successful whether the entrepreneur is there or not. It provides the entrepreneur and business owner with Entrepreneurial Freedom; freedom to choose between working 6hrs per week, 60hrs per week or not at all. It’s their choice.

The Self-Operating business is designed to be managed and operated by a team of great people, awesome technology and a set of operating systems that provide predictable results and an excellent customer experience whether the entrepreneur or business owner is there or not.

The Self-Operating business doesn’t enslave entrepreneurs, it frees them up to grow their business, to develop other initiatives, to innovate or to move on to other life goals.

Once complete, The Self-Operating Business can be duplicated and sold as a licensing or franchising opportunity.

The Master Entrepreneur Program was created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom.

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