We are a team of "Entrepreneurs Coaching Entrepreneurs".

Since 1998, we have been training and coaching entrepreneurs and business owners achieve personal and business success.

We have provided entrepreneurship and business coaching services throughout Canada and the U.S. including Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Latin America.

We know how to achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom.  Freedom to purse bigger professional and personal goals.

As an experienced and dynamic entrepreneur, Chris has started various businesses, ranging from a fast-food restaurant to a successful marketing and business consultancy business.

As an experienced business consultant, Chris provides services such as business strategy development, marketing research, feasibility studies, marketing planning, corporate identity programs including logo and branding strategies, business planning, and business coaching.

As an international business and entrepreneurship consultant, Chris has provided consultancy services to clients such as Street Kids International, Taka Hirano Security Systems and Consultancy (Japan), In Ho Lim Enterprises (South Korea), Emerge Research and Consultancy Inc. (Japan), and Retis Internet-Architect Consultancy (Mexico).

Chris is also experienced in facilitation, training and coaching, and curriculum development for the public and private sectors. Such topics include entrepreneurship, small business development, leadership, strategic thinking, and planning. Chris has conducted seminars and business classes for high school and  college students, for business associations, for retraining programs, and for conferences and events. Chris has addressed thousands of seminar participants.

Email: [email protected]

David Newing is an outstanding strategic consultant and social entrepreneur. Drawing from his extensive experience, remarkable track record, and personal networks in Canada, the USA, and Europe, he is well recognized as a world-class leader in forward-thinking, creative management, innovation, and sustainable resource development.

Following a successful 21-year career in the British Royal Navy, rising to the rank of commander, he was appointed as the London, UK—based secretary general of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association. He spent the 1980s building The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program into an International program involving over 50 national youth achievement programs (www.intaward.org) in most cases under the direction of the various countries’ heads of state.

During the 1990s and following a family relocation from London, UK, to Ottawa, Canada, he continued this successful track record .  He is the co-founder and designer of a widening number of highly successful initiatives and new programs, including the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) (www.youthbusiness.com) and NetCorps Canada (www.netcorps-cyberjeunes.org)

Over this period, he has also successfully consulted with a wide variety of agencies, including the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Industry Canada, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Canada’s Advanced Internet Development Organization (Canarie), South Asia Partnerships Canada (SAP), the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), and the OAS Trust for the Americas for which he acted as senior adviser while resident in Washington, DC, from 1998 to 2000.