As discussed in Part 1, I took an Entrepreneurial Sabbatical™ and went to Japan to rejuvenate, explore, experience a new culture and visit the people who taught my business partner how to make authentic ramen. It was truly a great experience and enjoyed my time off from the business.

I came back feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to take the ramen business to the next level.

As Entrepreneurial Leaders™, we must take some time off to “recharge” our batteries, feel fresh and well rested ready to better lead the business.

If we want a business that is more fresh and invigorated, then we must first be more fresh and invigorated. We must be the change that we want to see in the business.

It all starts with us…the entrepreneur.

“To Take Your Business To The Next Level, You Must Take Yourself To The Next Level First” – Chris Castillo

Once we truly internalize this fact that it all starts with us, then we can make appropriate changes to our mindset to achieve more Success, Wealth and Entrepreneurial Freedom™.

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